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A great example of the effective use of narration comes in the scene in which Vern overhears Charlie Hogan and his brother Billy discussing the location of the dead boy, which Vern will soon tell the gang.Within these situations, they had to make many crucial decisions.

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The first set of questions require you to...The stage of development theorized by Piaget that is most identical to Teddy is the concrete operational stage.

Vern bends over a little too much while he crawls and the comb falls out of his shirt pocket, he moans to Gordie but Gordie just tells him to keep on going.Another of the techniques that the Director uses is dialogue.Some of the main themes in the story are friendship, growing up, maturity and loyalty.Also, the camera shots show fear and panic in the boys faces when they see the oncoming train.

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This puts an idea into the head of the viewer, that the boys might have to jump off the bridge to avoid an oncoming train, or the boys might get run over by a train halfway across the bridge.After 5 minutes on the bridge Vern started to crawl because of the height of the bridge with Gordie still stuck behind him.Stand By Me is an adventure story of four young friends Gordie, Chris, Teddy, and Vern who live in a little town in Oregon, Castle Rock.This builds tension because it makes you have the idea that Vern might not beat the train to the other side.He sticks up for the rest of the boys, and they look up to him.It brings all childhood insecurities, fears, and dreams intosharp, crystal-clear focus.

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Chris Chambers is a good-hearted kid that lives in the distasteful shadow of his father, a petty criminal and dreg of society.The stage of development theorized by Erikson that is most identical to Chris is the industry versus inferiority stage.

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The techniques used by the Director are camera shots, dialogue and sound effects, which the Director uses to build tension throughout the film, this makes the scene more realistic and important.

My parents had an episode from about two day journey embarked on may have taken a list of the film directed by me soundtrack.Rights, or not, tries to may 2004 this is derived from a focused.It was a sunny day when Gordie, Chris, Teddy and Vern went to go see a dead body.