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PLIAN staff can provide general legal information but cannot offer legal advice or opinion.This information is not legal advice, and we cannot guarantee it is accurate, complete, or up-to-date.


In the legal system, you have to be able to express your arguments effectively.

We may in our discretion require a Certificate of Independent Legal Advice. 4.

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In December 2012 you had the fence looked at again and discovered it now requires replacing due to further damage that has occurred to it.A person may use a surname of their spouse, the name they obtained by adoption, or at birth or their surname immediately before marriage, if they are a married person.Legal Writing in Plain English, Bryan Garner provides legal professionals sound advice and practical tools for improving their written work.Our recommendation to you is to proceed to mediation and allow a mediator to help both parties reach an agreement in replacing the fence.You are obligated to contact us in writing to advise of any change in this.

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There are several recent cases debating this issue in the context of PPSA registrations.The Bank is now concerned about whether its security is enforceable.An interview with Mr Alexander Mak featuring his advice on legal writing as a legal educator as well as a legal professional.At some point during the application and interview process most employers will ask for a.

An even smaller body of cases deals with differences in surnames.It is important to note that a legal opinion should not be considered to be a substitute for legal advice and the parties to a transaction will need to ensure that.Legal letter writing can seem a daunting task, but it need not be so.Most employers do not ask for writing samples at the beginning of the recruitment process when you send out your initial resume and cover letter.

However unless the work is urgent you cannot force Julie and Michael Robinson to contribute to the costs unless it is ordered by the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT).Also please be advised that PLIAN has a legal duty to report to authorities if a person discloses any information which indicates that a child or neglected adult is or may be in need of protection.Welcome to the Public Legal Information Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (PLIAN).The writing faculty support Duke Law students in all of their writing endeavors.How to Write a Formal Demand Letter. The information provided on this site is not legal advice,.In this respect, it is narrower than the later case law summarized above.

However no agreement has been reached between you and Julie and Michael Robinson.An instructional video about writing legal problem question answers.

RE: Fence Issue We refer to the above matter and your interview with the writer on January 31, 2013.At common law, a person could adopt any name in the community, provided that this was not done with any intention to defraud others.This episode discusses how to organize the structure of your answer.

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You dropped a note to the Julie and Michael Robinson advising them of this.

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This confuses the issue and would enable a court to distinguish our case from that of Mr. Lazarchuk.He signed using the name David Black, which he was using generally as his name at the time he executed the documents.


Most of these cases deal with minor differences between the legal name and the registered name, such as an incorrect or missing middle initial, or a misspelled first name.

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Advice on How to Revise your Lawyering Memo or Brief into a Writing Sample.We will return messages left during the operation hours of the Legal Information Line and Lawyer Referral Service as soon as possible.Drafting a legal letter is not as simple as it appears and involves numerous considerations prior to.