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Most of the less developed countries adhere to a male chauvinism and do not believe in women leadership.

In the essay I d Rather Be Black than Female, Shirley Chisholm stated how she felt women should have the right to devote themselves to politics.Advocates from all continents believe that if women are given the opportunities, they will be able to perform all the duties the same way as men do.Even though she was defeated, she was fighting for the sit with.It can be proved by the few examples of women, who have participated in politics and attained elective positions.

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The root cause of the underrepresentation of women in politics is that women do not run for office at the same rate men do.

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However, their extent of representation has been more limited than that of men.Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays.

A great number of studies carried out in this country and in developed ones have unveiled that equal sharing of housework is still a big problem for women.

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Moreover, this limited empowerment observed by us has been nurtured within the Panchayat system.We definitely ought to tell more about this in our essay on women in politics.Many people would attest that women are important in the social and political sphere currently, during the World War II and before the 19th.While men have been the prime participants in the matters concerning politics for decades, women also had their particular role to play.

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However, even the crucial income of poor females rarely enhance their status in this country.Essay on women in politics: side effects in menviagra dangers viagra buy viagra per pillaccutane.In India, women actively write and also read what other women have already written.

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Now female networks and blogs take advantage of new freedom to keep fighting for approval and acceptance.

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Women have come a long way from the days of pioneers where all they did was look after family and home.But the religious doctrines often hinder the women from actively participating in politics.

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In India reform movements after and before independence has greatly helped women to acquire some power in politics too.Action essay nineteenth politics and had made him very online.Notwithstanding numerous gains, much needs to be done in order to drastically improve the overall status of women in this country.

Exactly after independence, they managed to achieve an impressive political breakthrough with the reservation of seats in panchayats as well as other bodies.

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As we see, a revolutionary new dimension of women in big politics has emerged for the last time throughout the world.