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Packed Powder: Term used to describe relatively new snow that has been groomed or ridden over repeatedly and thus is harder than powder.Micro-fleece: An improved form of fleece, with a tighter, less dense knit that cuts down on size.Skiing with detached heels allows for traversing across flat ground but telemark skis are also wide enough to handle high speeds and sharp turns.Skijoring: A version of skiing in which the skier is attached to a set of dogs or a horse by a waistband and then pulled across flat ground.Note: European resorts will use blue as the color to indicate an easy trail.Camber: The upward curvature in the base of a ski or snowboard.

A-Z Glossary Wakeboarding, Wake Skating, and Wake Surfing Terms Waterskiing Terms Barefoot Waterskiing Terms Jump Waterskiing Terms Trick Skiing Terms Boating Terms.Water skiing is a recreational sport enjoyed in lakes, rivers, and less often, the ocean.Softgoods: Catch-all term used to classify ski and snowboard clothing, including jackets, gloves, long underwear, and hats.Originally popular only with freestyle skiers, as the twin tip shape allows for reverse (known as fakie or switch) take-offs and landings off jumps.Excessive chatter reduces contact between the ski and the snow and the ability to stay in total control.Usually groomed, wide and flat, and not a place for experienced skiers as traffic must remain slow.

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Click on any letter below to jump to that section or you may scroll down at your leisure.Cirque: A deep, steep-walled mountain basin or amphitheater carved out of the mountain by an alpine glacier.Download graphic of the hand signals pictured above, print it out.Skiing and snowboarding are two of the greatest winter sports on the planet, and like anything else in this world the two sports have certain terms and jargon that can be confusing without a bit of definition.

An typical case of delamination occurs with the molded layers on a ski and snowboard separating.Backcountry: Any area outside of resort boundaries or elsewhere that is not patrolled or cleared of avalanche dangers.

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Mute Grab: Grabbing the toe edge of your snowboard between the bindings with your front hand.Find schedules of events, venue information, history, terminology, and links to official federations.Along with cross-country, common forms of Nordic skiing include Telemark Skiing and ski jumping.An online water skiing community with water skiing tutorials, how-tos, product reviews, trick tips, and more.

Surfing Slang: An A-Z of Surf Terms. It usually accurs when the wave breaks and then hits deeper water. Relatively recent practice of using a jet-ski to.Determined by the amount of space beneath the center of a ski when it lays on a flat surface with its weight resting on the tip and tail.Green Circle: The easiest trails on a mountain, denoted on trail maps and signs by a green circle.Encyclopedia of Water Terms. water skiing, diving and surfing.Simple Beginner How to Articles for Waterskiing and Wakeboarding.Custom footbeds can (and should) be made to fit the sole of the foot as closely as possible.

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Stay up to date with everything Skis.com has to offer via our social networks.Waist Width: Measurement taken of the narrowest portion across a ski or snowboard, usually the middle of the sidecut.

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Learn to Slalom To find a nearby USA Water Ski GrassRoots event go to:.

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Grooming: The most common form of trail maintenance, done to spread new snow and to smooth over bumps, icy patches and other obstacles.

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Crevasse: A deep and often times hidden crack in a glacier or permafrost.

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Shovel: (ski): The front end of a ski, which often bows out to a larger shovel shape to avoid sinking into snow.

An essential item for anyone venturing into the backcountry.Typically cross-country skiing is done on flat ground as opposed to riding a lift to access downhill skiing.Buy the mug 3 Waterskiing unknown When your fingers skim the water in the toilet bowl while you are wiping your ass.NASTAR: A worldwide program that allows ski or snowboard racers of all ages and abilities to compare themselves with one another through an intricate handicapping system.

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The degree of actual shape depends on how much sidecut has been built in.Freestyle: A style of skiing or snowboarding primarily focused on tricks.This area is almost always found near the base area as this is the first lesson stop for a never-ever.Delamination: The separation of a laminate along the plane of its layers.Rail: A bar, typically metal, built to be slid up by skiers and snowboarders.Typically made with high-end plastics for both flexibility and strength.This is skiing and snowboarding at your own risk, thus the backcountry is a place for knowledgeable experts only.